It was a family affair at the top of the leaderboard of the second One Barrel 2.62 run Saturday, Nov. 27. Mark Caballero cruised in first on the men’s side, but had to stay close to the finish line to catch his wife, Meghan Caballero, lead the way for the women.

The top three men and women finishers, top masters finishers, and the best costumes received gift cards from One Barrel Brewing Co.

The 2022 One Barrel Run will take place Saturday, Nov. 26, 2022.


  1. Mark Caballero, 29, 15:57
  2. Roger Carstens, 17, 16:17
  3. John Teich, 26, 16:20


  1. Meghan Caballero, 29, 17:42
  2. April Likhite, 49, 17:54
  3. Bea Dramm, 16, 18:43

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